Biometrics and Transactional Secure Systems (BATS) is the gold standard for user authentication and authorization to access data on a mobile device. BATS is built on the biometric open protocol standard, the IEEE 2410 standard, developed by Hoyos Integrity founder and CEO Hector Hoyos. Simply, BATS is the back-end server that orchestrates everything and remembers nothing.

BATS is a proprietary system that links a user’s identity and unique biometrics to a specific device ID. To use the device, BATS links the device ID user biometrics and a trusted server for authentication and authorization to initiate a session. All sessions are encrypted with 571 Elliptic Curve Cryptography. For additional security, all BATS servers run in SGX processors protecting the memory of each processor.

BATS is the innovation that drives the world’s only true end-to-end mobile security system – the highest order of protection. BATS is an open, biometric-agnostic layer, enabling:

  • Identity assertion
  • Role gathering
  • Multilevel access control
  • Auditing
  • Assurance

BATS software enables Android operating systems to communicate with the back-end server. User biometrics are then used to access services and devices. BATS components use the highest standards in security, based on or exceeding Cryptographic Standards and Guidelines from the National Institute of Standards and technology.

BATS manages a range of Hoyos services services including:

  • Hoyos Talk
  • Hoyos Messenger
  • Hoyos Push-to-Talk
  • Hoyos Wallet
  • Hoyos War Room (Video)

This is the paradigm shift large organizations have been waiting for. As traditional enterprise security stores ID data in a single location, it creates a single point of mass attack for hackers. BATS is the only IEEE-standard compliant captures and stores biometric vectors based on identity of the device keeping user data secure and encrypted as hacker attack surface is reduced by orders of magnitude.


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