At Hoyos Integrity Corporation (HIC), securing your private digital asset key and protecting your transaction identity via state-of-the-art biometric technology are our primary goals.

We believe it is extremely unlikely and highly improbable that your Hoyos Digital Asset Wallet (“Wallet”) will be breached due to our industry-changing solution of applying transactional biometric security technology to digital asset (hot) wallets and servers themselves.

In fact, we are so confident that the proper and combined use of our Hoyos Digital Asset Wallet in conjunction with our IEEE 2410 Biometric and Transactional Security System (BATS) Servers and our Biometrika Lock System will protect your digital assets, that we provide a solemn pledge (subject to additional terms and conditions which may be included in the final End User Legal Agreement (“EULA”) or similar Terms of Use document) to the authorized and enrolled user (“User”) as follows:


“HIC agrees to indemnify the rightful Registered Product User of their Hoyos Wallet against a loss of Digital Assets held in the wallet, subject to a pre-defined valuation and which loss resulted as a direct consequence of any transaction from the Hoyos Wallet that was not authorized by such Registered Product User, and was caused by a Product Defect which results in a tangible monetary loss against the respective Hoyos Wallet up to a maximum amount per wallet as defined in the users associated End User Legal Agreement (“EULA”) for iOS and Android OS smartphone devices.”

Complete details and guidance in respect of the terms and conditions for valuations of reimbursement and for a validation of a breach to be considered indemnifiable please refer to the precise “EULA” which has been agreed by your biometric signature at the time of creation of your Hoyos digital wallet.