We are witnessing a sea change in the way people transact online. Driven by convenience for end-users and lower cost for merchants, peer-to-peer money transfer apps are rapidly gaining market confidence and mass adoption. Of course, with these advancements come significant security and regulatory challenges. As other payment platforms work to reconcile their technologies and evolving threats, Hoyos is bringing to market a Frictionless Instant Payment System (FIPS). FIPS is built on Hoyos’ Digital Wallet which comes with a first-of-its-kind warranty; assures privacy as no user data is mined; biometrically protects every transaction; holds any digital fiat or tokenized currency; is hot/online; and is fully regulatory compliant.

One element of the Hoyos Digital Wallet warranty is the “Hoyos Promise of Security” which provides assurance for a reimbursement of covered wallet losses in the event of a breach resulting from cyber theft or hacking. This “Promise of Security” is supported by Hoyos’ Contractual Liability Insurance product provided by HDI GLOBAL*.

Built on a biometrically secured and protected authentication platform, FIPS enables users to exchange wallet funds for real currency, and vice versa, with digitized cash as fiat currency tied into the global banking structure. Simply, now consumers and merchants can transact in real-time, in a hyper secure environment protected by the Hoyos Wallet’s product warranty and its Promise of Security. FIPS can store digital cash in multiple currencies, digital and biometrically locked ERC-20 tokens.


  • Disrupts the credit card industrial complex by creating efficient and non-predatory unit cost pricing
  • Eliminates merchant/retailer working capital frictions due to payment lag time and fraud
  • Enables real-time liquidity to drive better asset turns, balance sheet utilization, and cross border fulfillment
  • Allows merchants to operate as money transmitters but without the capital carrying regulatory requirements due to Hoyos’ insurance-backing
  • Gives merchants and retailers the opportunity to verify customer identity biometrically and offer tailored pricing and perks to valued clients
  • Enables real-time risk information production and distribution centered on cash (i.e banking) without limitations promoted by money transmitter exclusions
  • Enables growth of digital asset production by establishing a real-time, transparent and protected payments system

*HDI GLOBAL’s customized contractual liability insurance coverage insures Hoyos Integrity Corporation for defined amounts it may be required to pay out in the event of product failure, with reimbursement definition and process specifics defined in the wallet end-user license agreement.

FIPS changes the very nature of the current consumer/merchant relationship by eliminating the need for credit cards. No more high-interest and fee-heavy burdens for consumers. FIPS levels the playing field for merchants with far lower transaction fees, instant payment, custom pricing, and expanded market reach. The opening of a major, new consumer market as unbankable consumers do not need a credit card or bank account. FIPS is the alternative to credit card payment systems that provides the security and access consumers and merchants need now.


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