There are a number of companies selling their fingerprint authentication technology as an alternative to common security measures. Hoyos Biometrika is a key component within the Hoyos Phone and secure communications service, and the Hoyos Wallet. It takes organizational security to an unprecedented level with multi-factor biometric authentication that captures user hand, facial and voice vectors. Hoyos enables large organizations to capture significantly more vectors than any other readers, eliminating the threat of damaging data breaches.

  • Convenient as users never have to remember passwords or login information
  • Highly-efficient an easy-to-use interface for rapid authentication and access
  • Trusted so users have the confidence to send and receive the most sensitive data
  • Comprehensive with liveness detection of user attempting to access device

Biometrika is device-agnostic and works with rear camera (Mano), front camera (Caras) and microphone (Voz).


Our proprietary biometric capture and authentication technology uses the rear camera of the smartphone and the flash to capture four prints and surrounding areas of the hand in any lighting conditions. MANO provides more than 250 degrees of freedom making it one of the most accurate biometric technology short of iris scanners which require near infrared cameras and LEDs. MANO incorporates liveness to determine that it is a live hand and not a picture or video of a hand preventing the biometrics from being spoofed.


CARA, our face biometrics capture and authentication technology, uses the front facing camera of the device to measure and record 128 features from the face for the biometric vector. Like all HOYOS Biometrics, it uses liveness to mitigate the chances of spoofing the technology.


Our voice biometrics is currently in development. It utilizes text-independent recognition which means users do not have to repeat the same phrase to authenticate. Voz recognizes a voice no matter what is being said.

Passwords once controlled access to devices and apps, but they have proven vulnerable and easy to hack. Hoyos Integrity’s multi-factor Biometrika provides an absolute form of identity authentication, without the challenges of the past. Hoyos biometric authentication guarantees security and protects online assets.


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