After securing 100+ patents, integrating some of the world’s most complex systems and building and selling biometrics companies, Hector Hoyos set his sights on utilizing his biometrics expertise to secure mission critical communications for large organizations and enterprise. To do so he had to move beyond biometric authentication reader technology and find a way to provide end-to-end security of a communications system.

Hector co-developed an innovation, IEEE 2410, the biometric open protocol standard to decentralize and secure data in a way that reduces a hacker’s attack surface and requires biometric authentication prior to any transfer of data. Prior to this innovation most organizations stored data in a centralized location and many paid a significant price.

With the key biometric components in place, Hoyos Integrity developed its SCR smartphone with an exclusive license to run 178B OS, the operating system that protects the US nuclear arsenal. With strict supply chain management and tight QA, the Hoyos Phone is impenetrable to malware and ensures end-to-end security.

Hoyos Integrity will build its unique research and development organization to innovate its smartphones, tablets and other devices and provide organizations the highest level of security available.


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